United May/June 2010 in Europe

An eventful 3 weeks in Europe and the UK have been and gone with great events ranging from a 900 cap. room in Paris, France to a 30 000 cap. sports arena in Arnhem, The Netherlands.. Our complete itinerary was:

Belfast, Ireland

Stanford Hall, UK

Wiston House, UK

Paris, France

Zurich, Switzerland

Dusseldorf, Germany

Arnhem, The Netherlands

Vejle, Denmark

Oslo, Norway

Stockholm, Sweden

Edinburgh, Scotland

London, UK

Consoles at FOH ranged from the Yamaha PM5D, PM1D and the D-show Venue which as you can see by one of the photos above had a ‘Windows is shutting down’ moment. As is usual, the console continued to pass audio and fader control remained, all other control was disabled.. Fun times mid show!!

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