United – Aftermath Drums & Live in Miami Release – Feb ’12

Hey all! No doubt some have you have encountered the Hillsong United Aftermath – Live in Miami release that came out this month. If not, you can check it out here.

I think that this is a fantastic representation of what it was like to be at an Aftermath night..it looks and sounds great!

I have been receiving a fair few enquiries as to the drum set up for the tour.  Here is the scoop from the mouth of Simon Kobler himself:

“Zildjian Cymbals – Hi-Hats = Bottom: 17″ A Custom, Top: 17” K Custom Dark Crash – Thin

Crashes = Left: 20″ K Custom Dark Ride, Right: 22″ K Custom Light Ride

Ride = 22″ K Ride

Snare: Ludwig Black Beauty 6 x 14″

Kit: Ludwig / Gretsch  – whatever is available

Skins: Mostly, Remo Pinstripe’s on the toms, Emperor x on the snare and evans EQ3 for the kick.”

You can check out Simons website: captainkobler.tumblr.com

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