RPM-TB24 I/O, Waves Multirack and Midas

Its no surprise to most that for the last few years, the touring entities from Hillsong have been going out with the Midas brand digital consoles. Personally, I really enjoy the sound and format of the consoles but in this day and age, having the ability to draw from the growing sea of very useful plugins and implementing them in a live mix is very enticing and most live engineers will agree with me!

A number of options for doing this on the Midas have emerged and on the most recent Hillsong Live tour I was able to implement the RPM–TB24 I/o along with Waves Multirack in order to make this happen.

I expect that a console alone can handle a comprehensive mix and sound good while doing it. I also think that its a great thing to hear a live mix..so because of this I used the multirack software sparingly on its first outing. C6’s on vocals, API550 on electric guitar, LA2A on bass and the SSL compressor on the master buss caused the system to use 32% of its processing resources and it was solid as a rock while it did, as you would hope and expect.

This system is a very powerful addition to a digital console and one that I will be looking to use again in the near future.

*While the system is solid, as we all know, technology on occasion can fail us..because of this I saved a ‘inserts out’ scene after each soundcheck and I would recommend you do as well!*

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