Brother Sister Music at Welcome to 1979

The end of March saw Brother Sister Music head into the studio to record their first 5 song EP. We chose Welcome to 1979 for the 1 day, full live ‘bed’ tracking session with the help of Kyle Hicks on drums, Mike Hicks on keys, Eric Von Ray on bass and Phil Hugely on electric guitar.

The idea behind studio Welcome to 1979 is to actively bring an ease back to analog recording with well maintained vintage gear, while still having the ability to easily record digitally or transfer from analog to digital come the end of the session. We happily decided to record directly to tape which is quite the novelty in the modern recording era and something that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do in quite some time. We are really happy with the results and listeners hopefully will welcome a little tape hiss!

From here, overdubs are next..keep a look out for a pending release!

Here are a few photos from the session! Many thanks to Jane Howard from 1979 for a professional and pleasant assisting role all day.

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