United – Empires #1

Empires touring is in full swing for 2016 and having completed the first run, I have to say that I’m having a great time mixing the event. Its certainly a step up from anything we have done in the past. With this new tour comes a new production company, Solotech who are handling all things production.

The week prior to the first run had us in rehearsals in Sydneys 301 studios with full production, enabling us to get a handle on the new elements and instrumentation for the tour.

On the audio side, the PA consists of a main LR hang of 12 x K1 over 6 x K2, 8 x K1SB (flown per side), sidefills of 6 x K1 over 8 x K2, 18 x SB28’s on the floor and Kara front fill. Coverage has been stellar. FOH and monitors are being handled by Digico SD7’s with waves extreme servers at FOH for plug in capabilities.

Empires #2 and #3 are coming in April/May and July..details are here!

Here is some footage from the tour as well as the newly released music video ‘Say The Word’ from Empires.

United in Asia/India

December saw us take a taste of Empires to Singapore, Indonesia and India. The Star Performing Arts Center in Singapore was a truly a pleasure to mix and a great way to star the tour with Digico SD7’s and LAcoustics K1. In Jakarta, I was once again reminded of how astonishing Adamson product is with E15’s and T21’s. Both were great nights and it was great to be in Asia once again.

It was our first trip to India and after not knowing what to expect, was pleasantly surprised with LAcoustics K2 with delays of VDosc in order to cover the vast expanse of beach right in the middle of Mumbai. It was certainly an amazing event to be apart of.

HSC 15 – Sydney and NYC

I was glad to be apart of Hillsong Conference in both Sydney (All Phones Arena at Olympic Park) and NYC (Prudential Center, NJ) this year. In both venues a mixture of LAcoustics product was used (K1 &K2, K1 SB & SB28) provided by JPJ in Sydney and Solotech in NYC. In Sydney, the FOH & monitor duties were handled with Midas Consoles (XL8, Pro9, Pro2) provided by Cuepoint productions. In New York,  Solotech provided Digico SD7’s at both positions. I still rate the Prudential Center as one of the best sounding arenas in the USA!



Hillsong Colour Conference London/Crosspoint EP Record

The end of April took work across the pond to London, England for the annual Hillsong womens conference, Colour 2015. Wigwam  provided all things audio for the rehearsal period and event held at Wembley Arena. The PA for the event consisted of 16 D&B J8’s (2 x J12 cab 15,16) complimented by a flown sub array of 8 J-Subs per side. The sides of the arena were covered by a hang of 12 J8’s per side. In addition, there were 6 V- subs placed on the floor, 2 per down stage section and 2 at the thrust, all underneath the stage. The rest of the coverage gaps were covered with Q10 front fill and Q7 outfill.

The 96 inputs from stage (and various other positions) were handled by an all encompassing Digico network with an SD10 handling the bulk of the work at FOH, accompanied by an SD8. The stage was handled by 2 SD10’s…the workload distributed amongst band and vocal outputs on stage.

On return to Nashville, Crosspoint Church embarked on their first studio recording project with a 4 song EP. We tracked at Black River Sound Stage  in the ‘Front’ studio with the 80 input SSL 9000J over two days in a full band tracking setup. Currently the project is in overdub mode at The Chapel with mixing to start in the next few weeks at my residence. Its shaping up nicely!

Next, its off to Sydney, Australia for Hillsong Conference 2015.

Brother Sister Music at Welcome to 1979

The end of March saw Brother Sister Music head into the studio to record their first 5 song EP. We chose Welcome to 1979 for the 1 day, full live ‘bed’ tracking session with the help of Kyle Hicks on drums, Mike Hicks on keys, Eric Von Ray on bass and Phil Hugely on electric guitar.

The idea behind studio Welcome to 1979 is to actively bring an ease back to analog recording with well maintained vintage gear, while still having the ability to easily record digitally or transfer from analog to digital come the end of the session. We happily decided to record directly to tape which is quite the novelty in the modern recording era and something that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do in quite some time. We are really happy with the results and listeners hopefully will welcome a little tape hiss!

From here, overdubs are next..keep a look out for a pending release!

Here are a few photos from the session! Many thanks to Jane Howard from 1979 for a professional and pleasant assisting role all day.